Domestic Violence

Strategies to protect yourself

Remember that your parents, relatives or carers don’t have the right to hurt you.

If you are a victim of domestic violence:

  • Tell an adult you trust or a professional what is happening: a relative, a teacher, a school psychologist. These people can help you and advise you. Remember that: If you are at risk of being further harmed or abused, the professional will need to involve social services or the police in order to protect you.
  • There are organisations who can give you support and advice free of charge. You don’t need to make a report to the police. (See How and where can I get support? for more information).
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  • Find a safe place in your house or try to go to a place where someone can protect you. 
  • In an emergency situation you can call 999. If you need to call for help, you should be able to state your name, your address and your parents’ name.