Am I violent or aggressive?

What are the consequences?

Being violent against someone has negative consequences for the victim of your acts.

Besides that, violence can also have negative consequences for the person who commits it:

  • getting wounded and injured during the violent acts;
  • being attacked by the person or group against whom you acted violently;
  •  being rejected by the friends who do not agree with your behaviour;
  •  having problems or difficulties making new friendships;
  • withdrawal from families (parents mainly);
  •  getting lower grades at school;
  • having more conflicts and problems at school with classmates, teachers and other staff;
  • loss of education or training opportunities;
  • loss of employment opportunities or denial of access to job offers;
  • facing the legal consequences (please read question below) of the violent acts committed.
? What are the possible legal consequences of taking part in crimes or violence?

There are very serious consequences and actions that can be taken for young people that get involved in illegal behaviours. If the young person is under 16 they may be dealt with by the Children’s Hearing System and required to attend a Children’s Hearing Panel, who will listen to the child’s circumstances and decide what treatment or interventions are required. For example, the Hearing may decide that the young person should be placed with foster carers, or in secure accommodation, or that they should remain at home with support from other agencies, such as social work. Sometimes, especially if the crime is very serious, a trial in a criminal Court will be required. The young person may have to attend Court where they will be asked questions by lawyers and the judge or jury will decide whether the young person is guilty and should be given a sentence (e.g. a prison sentence, a fine, community work or something else).