CONFIDENTIALITY means that we are not going to tell anyone about what you tell us. You may tell us what happened, how you feel and what you think you are going to do.

However, we may need to talk with other people if:

  • Your life or that of another person is in danger.
  • You tell us that someone is hurting you or other people or, you tell us that you are hurting someone and that the person is in danger.

You don’t have to tell us your name and, if you prefer, you can give us a made up name, as long as you always use the same name when getting in touch with us. But if you think we need to let other people know about what is happening we have to know your name and more information about you.


Sometimes friends share the problems they go through and ask us not to tell anyone. It is important to respect the decisions of our friends, but don’t forget that there are some problems that must be told!

For example, when a friend tells you that he/she is a victim of violence, especially when they are at risk of further violence, it is important to convince your friend to seek help and then be by their side when they do it. Even if the person tells you they don’t want to seek help, explain you will have to talk to someone because you like them and want to protect them. Tell an adult you trust what is happening to your friend: your parents, your friend’s parents, a teacher. Adults can only help your friend if they know what is happening!