Am I a witness?

Frequently asked questions

What happens if a witness lies in Court?

If the Judge has strong reasons to believe that a witness lied in Court, legal actions can be taken.

I was asked to be a witness. Do I have to go?

Yes! Anyone who receives a letter (citation) from Court to be a witness must give evidence.

I am a witness but I have to miss the Trial. What will happen?

If you know beforehand that you will not be able to attend, you should inform the Court immediately. If something unexpected prevents you from being present at the Trial, such as an illness or a delay in transportation, you should let the Court know as quickly as possible. Being at school or work is not an excuse for not attending a trial. The Court will provide a letter confirming your attendance there and justifying your absence from school or work.

I cannot attend on the day and time the Trial is set for. Can someone give evidence on my behalf?

No. Your evidence must be given by you and cannot be made through someone else.

I would like to have a support person with me during the process. What do I need to do?

Someone from the Court should give you advice about who can support you or you can a member of Staff from the Court to ask for help in getting a support person. There are many people who can support you, such as social workers, Victim Support and the Witness Service.