How can I stay safe?

Safety at home

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If you are alone at home:

• Always tell a relative that you are at home alone.
• If someone rings the bell or knocks at the door unexpectedly, NEVER open the door. Your relatives should let you know if they are coming to your home and your parents should have a key.
• Do not mention over the phone or outside that you are or will be at home alone. If someone on the phone or on the door phone asks to talk to your parents, say that they are in the bath or make up some other excuse.
• Always have the phone numbers of your relatives or friends at hand so you can call them if you feel afraid. In an emergency, dial 999.


An emergency is when you need immediate help from the police, the fire brigade/department or a doctor.

When you are at home alone and there is an emergency:


• Talk to your parents about it and work together on an action plan in case an emergency occurs.
• Sit down with your parents and write a list of important phone numbers that can be useful in an emergency.
• Decide with your parents on where to go immediately in case of an emergency or dangerous situation (a specific place, a neighbour's home).
• Ask your parents to explain what you should do if something happens when you are at home alone.


• Dial 999. Explain calmly what is happening so that the person who answers your call can understand you well. Say your name and address and explain that your parents are not at home. Listen carefully to what you are told to do.
• You can also call your mum and dad so that they can come back home as soon as possible.
• Go to a safe place as quickly as possible.