How can I stay safe?

Safety on public transport

Seguro nos Transportes  
  • Choose the bus, the underground or train carriages that have the most people or where your friends are.
  • Avoid deserted bus stops or train stations.
  • Sit as close as possible to the driver.
  • Choose to sit far from the entrance and exit doors.
  • If someone sits next to you and you feel uncomfortable, change seat.
  • Place your rucksack or bag on your lap when travelling.
  • Never leave your belongings unattended and always take them with you wherever you go.

  • While travelling it is important that you are aware of what is happening around: do not use headphones, laptop or mobile phone. If you have to use the phone choose a discrete ring or silent mode.
  • Do not show or leave visible large amounts of money (particularly notes). If you have to buy something and pay with a high value note, do it discretely and put your change away immediately.