Am I violent or aggressive?

What is it?

The offender is the person or group who acted in an aggressive or violent manner against another person or group, causing physical, financial and /or emotional damage.

Foste Agressivo  

Anyone who supports or encourages others to be aggressive or violent towards someone, even if not directly involved in the aggression, is also an offender.

Example: someone who spreads rumors or encourages a classmate to provoke a fight with another classmate.


Violence can be committed in different contexts and relationships:

- at home, in family relationships. Read more on domestic violence - what is it?
- in dating relationships. Read more on dating violence – what is it?
- at school, with peers. Read more on bullying – what is it?
- on a sexual level. Read more on sexual violence - what is it?
- through the internet, in online relationships. Read more on online abuse – what is it?
- on the street. Read more on street violence – what is it?

Violence can be committed by one offender against a victim or group of victims.

It can also be committed by a group of offenders acting together against a victim or group of victims.
An example of this is gangs or groups of violent youths (read more on Gangs and group violence).


?  What are the reasons for being aggressive or abusive against someone?

These are some possible explanations (many others can be given):

• they have learnt that violence is a way, despite being a wrong one, to solve problems and conflicts with friends, classmates and boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.;
• they have difficulty dealing with negative emotions (such as rage and frustration);
• they want to feel better, bigger or tougher than others;
• they want to have more power than others.