Street Violence

Strategies to protect yourself

If you are a victim of street violence:

  • Do not put up resistance. Reacting with violence only puts you at more risk.
  • Find an adult and tell them immediately what happened:  you can call your parents or talk to someone on the street or in any establishment.
  • It is important to call the police as soon as possible. You can also dial 999.


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  • You can also ask for professional help. There are organisations who can give you support and advice free of charge. You don’t need to make a report to the police. See How and where can I get support? for more information.


  • Some strategies to keep yourself safe after the crime: 

    - Keep important contacts on your mobile, so you can easily ask for help if you need.
    - When you go out let someone you trust (e.g. your parents) know where you are going and what time you will return.
    - Seek alternative routes to the places you usually attend (e.g., from home to school). Always opt for paths that you know well, that are well lit and busy.
    - Arrange to meet your classmates or friends and walk. It will be more enjoyable, safer and if something happens, you will have immediate help.
    - If you feel that you are in danger find a place where you feel safe or with more people around.