How does it affect the victim?

Experiencing bullying, particularly when we are alone, is complicated:

  • We feel no one is able to help us.
  • We feel embarrassed to tell other people about what is happening.
  • We are afraid that if we tell, the classmates who have bullied us will find out and harass us even more.
  • We are afraid no one will believe us.
  • We are afraid that if we show ourselves to others as a victim, they will turn away from us and we will end up with no friends.

All these insecurities and fears are natural. Many victims feel the same way.
Remember that if people really like you, or if your friends are really your friends, they will believe in everything you say. They will be the first ones willing to help and protect you. If they become distant in such a time of need then it is probably a sign that they were not truly your friends.


Victims may feel:

  • sad;
  • alone;
  • insecure;
  • anxious;
  • scared;
  • suspicious,
  • rejected and humiliated.


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Some victims also:
  • feel fear going to school and do everything to avoid going (such as pretending they are unwell so that they do not have to go to classes);
  • lower their grades;
  • have difficulty sleeping at night or wake up scared from nightmares;
  • lose their appetite;
  • stop doing things they previously loved (such as meeting their riends on Saturday mornings for a bike ride).


These reactions and symptoms are a natural response to an experience that can threaten our well-being and personal safety. However, it is always important to get some help.

The best way to overcome the situation is to face it! Don’t forget that all problems have a solution!
There are strategies you can use for protection. For more information see Strategies to protect yourself.